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Alex Baraona

An interview to understand how these superstars function

Lets Start with a few questions to see how Alex ticks

Question 1. How did you get into bikes and at what age?

A. 1973 i got the 'bug' I was 13. A friend had a moped and we made a ramp out of bricks and a plank and did jumpsNeedless to say I failed everthing at skool!!! I was 15 when I got MY first bike after hassling my mother to lend me £5

Question 2. How many times have you done RM and on what bikes?

A. I've done every Red Marley! The first was on the original hill and i did it on my BSA gold star, we were in pairs then. Then it moved to its present location and i used the goldie for about 5-6 years, then i used my Triumph Metisse for 3-4 years until one time I got through a few rounds and was beaten by half a tyre width, this really narked me so I then built an 850cc Wasp framed Triumph pre unit, massively powerful but too much and still heavy. It was ok in the dry but useless in the wet. So finally I built my Jawa Wasp which is a nice combination of power and lightness. It was on that I got into the final a year ago. Mostly by luck!!!!!!

Question 3. Who do you admire the most?

A. I suppose Arthur Browning has to be up there as he is an incredable rider and quite a character, but there are lots of riders who are very very good.

Red Marley 2014 (1).jpg

Question 4. Money No Object what bike would you build?

A. My 850cc Wasp cost quite a lot and in the right hands is definately a winner!

Question 5. What do you do as a job and does it involve bikes?

A. I have an engineering business as full time work but I also have parts for the Gold Star Scrambler which I sell, Both help me to build bikes of which I have a large private collection.

A massive thank you to Alex for taking the time to answer our questions and we look forward to seeing him on the 1st and please all, cheer him on!

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