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Rick Pedder

An interview to understand how these superstars function

A few questions to see how Rick's love of Bikes started

Q1. How did you get into bikes?

A. I got into riding bikes when i was 4 on a Honda Z50R, My Dad road raced sidecars so I was always travelling round the country watching him including the Isle of Man TT

Q2. How many times have competed at Red Marley and on what bikes?

A. Think I have competed at Red Marley about 7 or 8 times, the first up on a BSA B44. I didn't make it to the top! but I have been lucky enough to win the king of the hill a few times on Phil Edwards triumph mettise since then!!

Q3, Who has been your biggest rival?

A. There's so many fast riders to go up the hill I couldn't really say who my biggest rival is but Carl Pope still to my knowledge holds the fastest record up the hill and i think it be broken for many years to come. But not through lack of trying!!

Q4.Money no object what bike would you build

A. I am a triumph man through and through so I will stick with my Mettise 750cc but a few new parts wouldn't go amiss!

Q5, How and what advise would you give any newcomer wanting to try Marley?

A. I would say to anyone new who wants to do it to just come and give it a go, its a good friendly event good for spectators and the beers pretty good to!!!!!

A massive thank you to Rick for taking the time to answer our questions and a great result this year!



1ST Ricky Pedder


2ND Ricky Pedder


we look forward to seeing him next year!

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