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Piers Dowell

An interview to understand how these superstars function




















Question 5. How is the Custom Painting going? Any cool projects you can share with us?

A, Paint shop is so busy, we currently have on the books work for Norton, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Gordon Murray as well as all the custom helmet customers, probably shouldn't be farting about on dirt bikes really especially after 7 broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder at the end of last year.

Question 1, How and when did you get into bikes?

A. I loved Barry Sheene as a kid and then Dave thorpe just as he was about to make it big. I was 8 when I got my first dirtbike and 12 when I started racing, I came last or second to last, The day the clocks changed at Wooferlow 1982

Question 2. How many times have you competed at Red Marley and on what bikes?

A. At Red Marley the first time was 04 on the Wlawin, into the semis but I kept bending down the footpegs I was hitting the jump so hard. Next year I was on the Cheney BSA that we run now, it was a 500 then but a 600 now. Same bike i won the championship on in 06. Ran through to 2010 and that was it until 2023

Question 3. Who has been your biggest rival?

A. Carl Pope, he always seems to show up when I'm there!!!

Question 4. Money no object, what bike would you build for it?

A. I collect WWII era aero engines, I have one with 28 cylinders and it's 72 litres, I'd use a cylinder off that in a Cheney chassis to show those newer 2/ 500s the way up. We are just about on a par with the 2/ 500 power wise with the 600 BSA but the road and jump are a challenge on the older chassis. Learn More


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